The Zany Happenings of Zaino

I still live at home with my mom and dad and needless to say, I could probably move into my own house just based solely on the amount of “stuff” I have. Don’t get me into my “stuff” right now…I’m sure my dad’s response to my “stuff” will be another post at some point. Anyway, my room was very cluttered with my bed, multiple dressers, bookshelves, a desk, etc. My Nanny was in town for two months and she is known for rearranging furniture and redecorating. With her encouragement and my mom’s green light, I nervously asked Zaino, my initially resisted nickname for my dad, if I could move my office into his dun dun…..the cave in the basement. His initial response was, “WHAT????” However, after further discussion and coaxing he allowed me to move my desk, two bookshelves, and a dresser into his man cave. I should say that my Nanny was elated that I was going to have my own workspace, and she thought it was hilarious that he was going to have to share the cave with me. She named the cave, kahf (كهف), which is Arabic for cave. She dubbed us kahf-mates. He was pleased (this statement is dripping with sarcasm if you couldn’t tell).

There were some guidelines for me to be down in the kahf, don’t get me wrong! The rules according to Zaino for being in the kahf:

1. You can’t be down there when I am.

2. If you have to come down into the cave, DO NOT talk to me!

3. DO NOT touch my things.

4. DO NOT come on my side of cave.

During the initial move-in, there were some to be expected encounters.

  • He placed a bookcase jutting out from the wall, so that there would be a “partition”. (This was later changed by my mom–she did not like it!)
  • I went downstairs to get a pen and I just said hi. I received a glare and was asked, “Why are you talking to me?”
  • I brought home my class fish (a third kahf-mate-dubbed by Nanny) and I was told that there was no more space for him.

The general happenings in the kahf, will most likely be separate blog posts, just like the latest from yesterday…

I coach swimming, as most of you know, and I had all 10 coaches coming to my house yesterday to work on fun awards for all of our swimmers. The logical place to have that many people working is in the basement right? So, I go down into the basement and tell my dad that the girls will be coming over to work. The exchange:

Me: “Dad, the coaches are going to be coming over today to work on awards. We are going to be in the basement.”

Zaino: “What?!? When? Why?” (In rapid succession)

Me: “Soon. Dad, we are working on awards.”

Zaino: “What? Why do you have to do this here?”

Me: “Where would you want me to do it?”

Zaino: “At the pool!”

Me: “Dad, that doesn’t really work. We have computers, paper, and it is windy out.”

Zaino: “Ugh okay.”

Using the cave went well and he was fine….he survived! πŸ™‚

Here is a picture of our cave! My desk is on the right and my dad’s desk is in the back on the left.

Later that evening, we were talking about the kahf. And let’s just say, I do NOT say it correctly and I get reminded of this often. So, Zaino was trying to teach me how to say it. Basically, you have to use the back of throat. Listen here! Anyway, after several attempts and still failing. He just told me to choke myself and say it!


We died laughing for a good 5 minutes!

This is my life with Zaino! It is fun, enlightening, hilarious, and definitely zany! I would not change anything about him or our relationship! This will be the blog of the zany happenings of Zaino, so that hopefully you can all join in on the zany fun!


Comments on: "Zaino’s Cave…Or Is It?" (16)

  1. I am going to love Zaino stories for sure! Great first post…
    Go Zaino! I think you should get blog t-shirts, coffee cups, etc… made with his picture and your picture in the kahf! That would be hilarious!

    • Thank you! I hope everyone thinks he is as funny as I think he is! OMG that would be hilarious….I told my dad and he started shaking his head (he secretly loves it!).

  2. When I first read the title of your blog in class, I was intrigued. What is Zaino, was my first thought. Noor, you are such a funny writer! I could picture you and your parents talking. I loved trying to say cave in Arabic….kinda like cahhfee (coffee with a Boston accent?) I tried saying it quite a few times. My favorite part of your entry was when Zaino said to try to choke yourself and say it. I laughed out loud! Thanks for the laughs and the Arabic lesson!a

    • Thanks for your interest! You are so sweet! Thanks-I’ve never been told that…you actually just made my day! πŸ™‚ I LOVE that you were trying to say kahf…that is awesome! Thank you again for reading and I am glad you find Zaino humorous too! πŸ™‚

  3. I love it. Your dad sounds like quite the character. Maybe you should bring him to class one day because after all of these blogs we are going to want to meet him. We will all have to practice saying cave in arabic together. πŸ™‚

  4. Your dad sounds hilarious! I loved reading your post and the picture was a great visual! I could definitely hear your voice in the writing. I can’t wait to read your next post.

  5. Noor! You’re basement life sounds very interesting, to say the least. I loved how you posted a pic and an audio clip of how to say “kahf”. You really are so techy! πŸ™‚ I feel as though this blog could somehow be turned into a sitcom. It is just so funny and real! I am looking forward to reading many more posts from you!

  6. Noor, I love this post! I loved reading about your Nanny and your dad – your family sounds hilarious and just wonderful! I love that Nanny named it the kahf, and especially love the “kahfmates” phrase – so perfect! Can’t wait to read more!

  7. Noor, I loved this post in class, but I love it even more with the pics, sounds, etc. Hilarious! Your voice totally comes through, and so does your dad’s voice. I want to be his friend…can’t wait to read more about Zaino!

  8. theparalyzer said:

    How goes the “sharing” of the caf?

  9. LOL. I am so glad I found this post! It sounds like a Seinfeld episode for sure! I tried to say khaf too, like Angie, but I was pronouncing it “coph” with a short O sound, so I guess maybe it’s kind of like the boston accent she was talking about. I loved the link to google translator, and I actually pushed on my throat a little bit after Zaino said to choke yourself! hahah, too extreme? I cannot wait for more!

  10. I love the idea of “Zaino” t-shirts. You could totally have Brian make those. I bet your dad would love them.

  11. […] computer is down there too I have been working down in the cave more often. Β (see cave blog here) Β During these cold winter months, Zaino and I have been using a heat lamp and well one day I […]

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