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“Oh I See Why You Are Here!”

Last weekend one my girlfriends and I were shopping for our upcoming trip to Dallas and Zaino invited us to go to dinner at Ted Montana’s  (see blog post Happy Birthday, Zaino! about Zaino’s favorite restuarant).  My good friend loves hanging out with Zaino, so she definitely did not pass on the invitation!

When we go to Ted Montana’s in a small group we like to sit at the bar right by the kitchen and watch.  Sometimes we don’t even talk to each other because we like to watch them so much!  The bartenders know us  we go there so often.  Below is a picture of my mom watching the cooks.


During dinner there were many Zaino “gems” as usual.  I really need to start recording him…

I was telling my friend about our menu conversation from our dinner on Zaino’s birthday:

On our way to Ted Montana’s I asked him if he knew what he was going to get.  He said, “I don’t know!  I haven’t been there in a while.  They changed their menu.”  Shocked, I asked, “Really?”  Zaino’s response, “How am I supposed to know!”  WHAT?!?!?! (excerpt from blog post Happy Birthday, Zaino!)

In response to the story being told he said, “I’m just playing with your mind!  I am playing with my own mind!” Ohhh Zaino!

A couple of gems during dinner:

Zaino spilled his water while he was taking a drink and he reacts with “I was trying to take an early shower!”

We really enjoy the seasonal desserts at Ted Montana’s.  No matter how full we are, we always want dessert.  We were asking if the summer seasonal dessert is still available and the bartender said, “Yes, but I can’t make one right now because it is so busy!”  Zaino says, “Let’s order five!”

At the end of dinner, my friend offered to pay and of course my dad said that it was his treat.  But then he said, “If your husband was here, he would have to pay.  A man has to take care of his woman!!”  We of course started laughing.

As Zaino and my mom were leaving the following conversation ensued:

Zaino: “I know why you came!  You wanted material for your blog!”

Me: “Yes Dad of course!  I have to write one more blog before the end of the month!”

Zaino: “Yea because you want an ‘A’!”

Me: “Of course I want an ‘A’.  If I don’t get an ‘A’ I will be upset!”

Zaino: “Well don’t be upset with me!  I tried my best!”

We were reliving this conversation today as he drove me and the same friend home from the airport.  He was asking me if the class is almost over and when I will stop writing the blog.  I informed him that I will not be stopping.  I love documenting all of the funny things he says and honestly one day it will be so fun to relive our good times.

So here’s to another month of hopefully ‘A’ worthy Zaino gems!


Do you want to go to Dairy Queen?

For as long as I can remember my dad and I have gone to Dairy Queen every Sunday during the summer. It is a tradition that I look forward to every summer! We usually walk to DQ and have our talks and joke around as we eat our ice cream.

Anyway, yesterday we made our regular walk to DQ (after much discussion about either walking or driving! Zaino said it was too hot to walk and that the ice cream would melt if we walked, but he didn’t want to drive! haha) and we discovered it was closed!!! We were both shocked and it is closed tomorrow (Labor Day)….another bummer!!! We decided to go to McDonald’s for ice cream. As we drove to McDonald’s Zaino decided that we should actually go to Jewel (right by McDonald’s) and just buy the ice cream that we want, since we couldn’t buy what we actually wanted, DQ!

So, we walked into Jewel and went straight to the ice cream aisle. We started looking at the ice cream and I think I visibly saw droll at the corner of Zaino’s mouth. He loves ice cream with candy in it and he had found the mother load! Twix, Snickers, Reese, etc. He kept saying, “How am I going to choose!” He looked over his shoulder and told me to go get a cart and he started laughing. Little did I know he was serious because he said it again. So, I went and got a cart. When I got back with the cart, I went to go get a box of waffle cones around the corner. When I returned the cart was filled with two large cartons and one small carton of ice cream. Haha, he moves fast!

When I chose my ice cream, we started to make our way to the check-out line. But, Zaino started looking at the candy ice-cream again and I made a comment that I love Klondike bars (I had pointed out the Klondike candy ice cream). Zaino then suggested that we get the Klondike bars. So, at this point we have 3 large cartons, 2 small cartons (yes he somehow got another one in the cart), waffle cones, and a 6 pack of Klondike bars.

When we were checking out, one of the Jewel workers said, “I know where we are going! To their house–they are having an ice cream social!” Oh my gosh, we probably looked ridiculous! You can be the judge!

Picture here! This is kind of embarrassing…(not including the waffle cones)

On our drive home, Zaino and I had our usual quips back and forth, laughing and giggling. I seriously live for these experiences! I love hanging out with Zaino!

As soon as we got home, Zaino went straight to work making his bowl of ice cream (using every single flavor he picked out!) He of course loved it, I don’t think my mom was as thrilled with the four flavors in her one ice cream bowl. 🙂

As summer comes to a close, our summer tradition will soon come to a close. But I know next year our tradition will continue, and we will also check the store hours on Labor Day weekend! 🙂

Happy Birthday Zaino!

Last week was Zaino’s birthday!  Happy 26th Birthday Zaino!

Last year we were at our favorite restaurant….Ted Montana’s.  We were sitting in our usual spot–at the bar right by the kitchen (so we can see everything being cooked!).  I said to my dad, “I feel like I am 25!”  His response, “I feel like I am 25 too!”  Of course we both started laughing!  So, this year on our drive to Ted Montana’s for his birthday dinner I asked him, “Dad are you still 25?”  “No of course not!  I am one year older!  I am 26!”  I know you can imagine what happened next.  Yes more laughing.

On a serious note, (I know these don’t come along often when it comes to Zaino) I really love how young and good spirited my dad is.  When people say, “I am 57 years young.”  I now know what they mean!  My dad is so young at heart and really living life to the fullest.  He is such a role model for me; to not take life for granted and to appreciate the little things in life.

Anyway, his birthday was a particularly fun night and full of Zaino gems!

On our way to Ted Montana’s I asked him if he knew what he was going to get.  He said, “I don’t know!  I haven’t been there in a while.  They changed their menu.”  Shocked, I asked, “Really?”  Zaino’s response, “How am I supposed to know!”  WHAT?!?!?!

One of the funniest things that happened was when I asked my brother’s girlfriend, Amanda, to take a picture of Zaino and I.  We were laughing and goofing around, when we should have been posing for the picture.  Little did we know Amanda was taking our pictures.  Here is what that looked like!

 This is us being “powerful”!  I don’t know!  Jadd, my brother, said those are the moves of powerful people.  I think you can tell at this point we were just having a blast!

Below I think is the best picture we got!  🙂

Overall, we had a fantastic time for Zaino’s birthday!  I wish I could remember all of the funny things we talked about that night!  I think I need to start recording our conversations!  🙂