The Zany Happenings of Zaino

Last weekend one my girlfriends and I were shopping for our upcoming trip to Dallas and Zaino invited us to go to dinner at Ted Montana’s  (see blog post Happy Birthday, Zaino! about Zaino’s favorite restuarant).  My good friend loves hanging out with Zaino, so she definitely did not pass on the invitation!

When we go to Ted Montana’s in a small group we like to sit at the bar right by the kitchen and watch.  Sometimes we don’t even talk to each other because we like to watch them so much!  The bartenders know us  we go there so often.  Below is a picture of my mom watching the cooks.


During dinner there were many Zaino “gems” as usual.  I really need to start recording him…

I was telling my friend about our menu conversation from our dinner on Zaino’s birthday:

On our way to Ted Montana’s I asked him if he knew what he was going to get.  He said, “I don’t know!  I haven’t been there in a while.  They changed their menu.”  Shocked, I asked, “Really?”  Zaino’s response, “How am I supposed to know!”  WHAT?!?!?! (excerpt from blog post Happy Birthday, Zaino!)

In response to the story being told he said, “I’m just playing with your mind!  I am playing with my own mind!” Ohhh Zaino!

A couple of gems during dinner:

Zaino spilled his water while he was taking a drink and he reacts with “I was trying to take an early shower!”

We really enjoy the seasonal desserts at Ted Montana’s.  No matter how full we are, we always want dessert.  We were asking if the summer seasonal dessert is still available and the bartender said, “Yes, but I can’t make one right now because it is so busy!”  Zaino says, “Let’s order five!”

At the end of dinner, my friend offered to pay and of course my dad said that it was his treat.  But then he said, “If your husband was here, he would have to pay.  A man has to take care of his woman!!”  We of course started laughing.

As Zaino and my mom were leaving the following conversation ensued:

Zaino: “I know why you came!  You wanted material for your blog!”

Me: “Yes Dad of course!  I have to write one more blog before the end of the month!”

Zaino: “Yea because you want an ‘A’!”

Me: “Of course I want an ‘A’.  If I don’t get an ‘A’ I will be upset!”

Zaino: “Well don’t be upset with me!  I tried my best!”

We were reliving this conversation today as he drove me and the same friend home from the airport.  He was asking me if the class is almost over and when I will stop writing the blog.  I informed him that I will not be stopping.  I love documenting all of the funny things he says and honestly one day it will be so fun to relive our good times.

So here’s to another month of hopefully ‘A’ worthy Zaino gems!


Comments on: "“Oh I See Why You Are Here!”" (3)

  1. theparalyzer said:

    I always enjoy reading your blog. A sense of humor enriches family life, and your family life seems to be filled with fun and laughter. (What am I doing wrong? I couldn’t open the picture even when I clicked on the question mark.)

  2. As always…I laughed at all of Zaino’s “gems.” I think my favorite two were when he spilled the water and claimed he was taking an early shower. That’s excellent…I’ll have to remember that and use that one. My other favorite was when he said he tries his best to give you good material for your blog entries. What a fun-loving sense-of-humor he has! Spending time reading your blog about Zany Zaino really warms my heart. I always feel like I’m there with you, laughing right along. You are SO blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with your dad…and he is so blessed to have YOU! Thanks for sharing the “gems”!!!!

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