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Is This Something You Think I am Interested in?

It is times like these that I am glad I am attached to all of my devices.   You know the ever constant attachment of a cellular device, iPad, computer, the list goes on and on.  There are obvious cons to such attachment, but there is a major benefit for me!  When Zaino comes up to me and says something hilarious….I can blog about it right away!  

He just walked up to me and showed me a magazine called Ideas and Discoveries.  This alone is interesting because of course he would subscribe to a magazine like this because he is only interested in the zany happenings of the world.  

Anyway, he showed me a article called Tight-Knit Friends.  He says this article about sea otters is very interesting and that I should read it.  

“In fact, you should read the whole magazine.  It is filled with interesting articles,” he tells me.  

I asked, “Are you telling me this because you think I would be interested in this?”

Immediately Zaino says, “Everyone should be interested in this stuff!  Read it, here you go!  But I haven’t read it all, so give it  back!”

Well off I go to some reading of some tight-knit friends……



7 Hours….

Today I went shopping with my parents for 7 hours!  Wow…was it an exhausting day!

I was laughing the whole time at the funny things Zaino was doing, even when I was tired.  My parents aren’t really like that when they get tired.  They get grouchy and Zaino makes less jokes.  He still makes them but just not as often.

After a day full of Zaino gems, we had to go to a second grocery store to find white eggs because the first store was out.  We went in as my mom waited in the car.  When we returned with the white eggs, my mom asked if we got the good eggs.

Zaino said, “Of course!  We got the antibiotic free, cage free, and Omega three eggs!  They are going to be eggilicious!”

I don’t know why I think that is funny, maybe it was the running around all day and I was giddy, or maybe it really is funny.  What do you guys think?


“What are you t…

“What are you talking about?”

I love recounting funny things Zaino says with my family. I love laughing all over again. I think it is even more funny when Zaino says, “Why are you talking about?”  He never remembers what he said, so I act it out so that he remembers.  The best part is then he starts laughing at himself and if my mom is listening she just starts shaking her head at us.

Oh Zaino, constantly throwing another curveball in your mannerisms.

Who is Going to Miss Who More?

This is a typical meal with my parents.

My dad and I cracking jokes back and forth.  Both of us laughing out of control.  I write down anything funny Zaino says.  We recount the funny comment.  My mom shakes her head at us and asks, “What is so funny?  I don’t get it.”  Or “Don’t feed his ego!  Stop encouraging him!”

Zaino and I ask her why she isn’t laughing and that she never thinks we are funny.

And so it goes.

The other day my mom asked us, “Who is going to miss who more?  Zaino because no one will be laughing at his jokes?  Or you because you will have nothing to laugh at?”

I couldn’t even think of the answer before Zaino responded, “I don’t need her!  Everywhere I go people laugh!”

Well that is funny….but he would be nothing without my laughter following after his funny “Zaino gems”.  🙂  Just kidding….but I think I will miss Zaino’s gems while he is gone.  We will have to see if he misses me laughing at his jokes.

What Kind Are They?

As you know my parents anniversary gift was a trip back to see their families.  Our complete extended family lives overseas and my parents are leaving for two weeks to see everyone.  My sister of course wants to have parties and invite her friends over.  Ugh….what are we 16?!?!?!

I immediately said, “No way!”  I don’t want to deal with that craziness in our house!  My mom of course said the same thing.  Zaino on the other hand….

“What kind are they?” he asked referring to what kind of people are they.  I have no idea what this means, but he continued on without any of us being able to ask what he was talking about.

“I don’t want people going though my bedroom or my cave.  When they walk into the house you need to tell them the only places they can go in the house.  Tell them they can only go into the kitchen, the living room, the laundry room, and the bathroom.  And if you want to show them my records, just let them take a glance and then they need to go.”

Well, clearly Zaino is very proud of his record collection and wants my sister’s friends to know!  I hope there is no party….but I would like to see what happens when people only glance Zaino’s record collection and then are chased out of the cave.

Do You Want Me To Open It?

I am not really good about keeping up with my mail, mostly because as you know, teachers have no lives!

So tonight when my dad came home he made me aware of a motor vehicle letter.  He was very concerned about it and thought I got a ticket.  He is well aware of my lack of attention to my mail, so he kept reminding me about it.  Finally he just went downstairs and got the mail and asked me if I wanted him to open it.  I said yes.  

As he was opening he said, “It is probably just junk mail and they are trying to trick you!”  Well if he thought that why was he so determined for me to open this piece of mail right away?  haha

Well sure enough, it was junk mail!  But I am thankful for a dad that always has my back!

Add Another to the Black List!

As you know yesterday was my parent’s anniversary!  If you missed the part about my dad’s poor timing gift for my mom, check out yesterday’s blog.

He wanted me to tell everyone in blog land that that was not my mom’s actual gift!  He really wanted everyone to know that!  🙂  Side note: Their actual gift to each other is a trip to go back overseas to see their families.  I think that is a great gift!  🙂

Anyway, my dad and mom wanted to try out a Greek restaurant, so I made the reservations at the new restaurant.  What a bad choice!

First of all, they took forever to get our drinks, which were not complicated.  At one point I ordered a second glass of wine and I had completely forgotten that I ordered it by the time the waitress brought it to the table.  My sister also asked for a second glass of wine at a different point.  By that time Zaino had had enough!  He asked the waitress what was taking so long with the glass of wine.

“Are you making it back there?” he asked.  He wanted to ask is Lucy back there from “I Love Lucy” stomping the grapes herself.  Not only did the waitress not laugh or smile, but she said, “No sir, it is on its way.  I do apologize.”

How weird….and as my sister would say, “Socially awkward”.

Next, our food took forever because there was a mix-up in the kitchen with one of our orders.  She kept coming over to our table saying, “I do apologize.” Ughhh just get us our food!

The food was not even worth the wait.

Our whole family kept commenting on how this is why we only go to restaurants that we love, like Ted Montana’s.

Well another restaurant hits the dust and joins the many other horrible restaurants on Zaino’s blacklist.

We were only at the restaurant for two hours, but it seemed like so much longer!  Good thing my parents like the pictures and we had a nice time celebrating their anniversary!