The Zany Happenings of Zaino

Ever since I was little I knew that my Dad hated candles.  He was always blowing the candles out or yelling at my mom for leaving them burning.  When I got older and I wanted to burn candles he started coming into my room and doing the samething.

“Noor, I moved your candle because it was not in safe place,” my dad would say in a disapproving tone.

Well nothing has really changed…he still does this with the candles.

As you know I have moved down to the cave and now that my desktop computer is down there, I have been working down in the cave more often.  (see cave blog here)  During these cold winter months, Zaino and I have been using a heat lamp and well one day I forgot to turn it off.  Big no no!  He wasn’t mad, but there was definitely a Zaino lesson to be learned.

Zaino walks down the stairs as I am working on my computer and he says, “Noor do you see anything by this candle that could catch aflame.”

I turn around and look and stare and say, “Yea that orange scarf thing.”

“That’s right!  Good job!  Do you see anything else?”

Annoyed (but amused), I turn around and stare at the candle and everything around it and confidently respond, “No.”

“WRONG!  That picture frame could slide and knock the candle right off of the refrigerator!”

“Oh my gosh dad!  Well you better move it!”

We of course both started laughing.  This is why I love my dad…he can always put me in a better mood and make me laugh.  But couldn’t he have just said, “Noor here are the the things I want you to remember?”

Zaino’s Lesson #1:  Move anything nearby the flame (or heat lamp) that could set aflame.

Zaino’s Lesson #2:  Always blow out the candle or turn off the heat lamp.

By the way he still hasn’t moved the picture frame.  🙂


Comments on: "Candles….oh Candles…." (7)

  1. Lindsay Allen said:

    That Zaino! He makes us all laugh.

  2. Welcome to the slicing community!! Glad you’re joining us. 🙂 And yes, you did it right–just copy the link for the specific post, not just your blog URL.

    And blow out that candle! No burning the place down before you’re done slicing!

  3. Noor! I’m excited to find you here, writing with us through March. I can’t wait to read your words.
    Happy writing,

    • Thanks Ruth! I am excited! I love writing about my dad… we will see if I still think he is as funny after I have to write about him for 31 days! 😉

  4. Can’t wait to read more about Zaino during Slice and beyond!
    Lyssa 🙂

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