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A Day Without Zaino…

Today is one of the many days that I don’t get to see much of Zaino due to my busy schedule, so I am kind of having a hard time finding something to write about.  Often times when my students are stuck I remind them of the many strategies we have learned to help generate ideas.  So I am going to do the same!


As I think everyone knows, my parents and I love to go to Ted Montana‘s.  This is a picture of Zaino and I at Ted Montana’s.  I think going to Saturday dinners with my parents will always be something that I treasure and enjoy.  This is usually where I get most of my “Zaino gems” because he is always in a good mood at Ted Montanta’s.

My dad is notorious for “black listing” restaurants, stores, etc.  One of his claims to fame is that he is the reason why Bennigans went out of business because he stopped eating there.  I think he truly believes that he solely shut down the restaurant.

I remember when I was in college, my parents came to visit me and I was so excited to go out for a “nice” dinner (any food is nice when compared to dorm food).  So I took my parents to a restaurant called Alexanders.  It was a steakhouse where you could cook your own steak.  Now I would never want to go to a place like this because I want to relax and socialize during a meal, but again this is my college self.

Anyway, I proudly walk into the restaurant with my parents tailing behind me and all of a sudden Zaino is turning around and walking out!  What?!?!?

“Dad, where are you going?” I asked.

“I am not eating here, the carpet is old,” he responds as he pushes the door to exit the restaurant.

And just like that we ate somewhere else that night.  Looking back he was totally right and it wasn’t a great restaurant, but what did I know?  Usually Zaino’s opinions about restaurants are correct, but it is the way he voices these concerns that put my whole family on the  edge of our chairs.

Another place Zaino has blacklisted is Chilis (he is probably waiting for the restaurant to close…I’m not sure that is going to happen, but he can hope!).  When we were kids we always went to Chilis and Zaino would always order a burger well done.  The burgers would never be cooked the way he wanted and he would always get upset.  Before any of us would eat, we would wait for Zaino’s reaction, but especially my sister.  She would ask him, “Dad is the food okay?  Do you like it?  Are you okay?” before she would even start eating.  My dad doesn’t remember this of course, but we always remind him when he is starting to get upset about food.  It kind of reminds him of how he reacts to things.  🙂

Thankfully we don’t have too many incidences at restaurants anymore because we only go to restaurants that he knows and likes…like Ted Montana’s.  Here’s to many more Saturday dinner nights with my parents.  (This may be one of the many reasons I am still single…haha)  🙂


Comments on: "A Day Without Zaino…" (2)

  1. When you meet the right person, they will be more than happy to join you for dinner WITH your parents ; ) That’s how you know it’s love…even if they complain bitterly after…just the fact that they stick around for it…again and again!

  2. Your father cracks me up. He sounds a bit like my grandfather. Ted’s is a favorite of ours too.

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