The Zany Happenings of Zaino

Today is another day where I was not blessed with Zaino’s presence…

I started this blog in the summer for one of my graduate classes.  When I started the blog it was easy to find one thing a month to blog about Zaino, but now it is harder because I don’t see Zaino everyday.  Luckily, I write down the funny things he says and does!  Today I am going into the Zaino archives!  🙂

We were out to dinner and Zaino asks me, “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“You,” I state.

“Yea, that is the right answer!” he responds.

“Dad, why are you the lucky one?”

With a huge grin on his face, Zaino exclaims, “Because I got me!”

It is true he is the lucky one, but that wasn’t really the answer I was expecting!  haha  Sometimes I wish I could just play how he sounds for my blog because how he says everything is half of the humor of what he says.

When my class was over and Zaino knew I was technically done blogging about him he said, “Good I can stop putting on an act now!”  Too bad I need him to put the act back on so that I can slice each day!


Comments on: "Who is the Lucky One….?" (2)

  1. Your family must have so much fun together. I found myself looking forward to reading more about your dad today, wondering about his newest escapades.

  2. Thanks Julie! 🙂 Today is a hilarious Zaino moment!

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