The Zany Happenings of Zaino

Healthy Zaino

Our family is constantly trying to be healthy….eating healthy foods, going to the gym, cutting out sweets, etc.  But it is always really easy for us to fall out of these healthy habits….not good!

Anyway, Zaino always goes to the gym on one of his “errands”.  He is usually gone for a really long time….like three hours!  For a while I was really impressed with how long he would work out, but then we figured out what he was actually doing.  He calls it the presidential workout or the triathlon.  Please don’t think he is actually swimming, running, and biking because he definitely is not!

The Presidential workout/triathlon consists of some time on the elliptical, some machine work, some “burst” training, a lot of time in the jacuzzi and then he goes into the steam shower.  I am sure there are some other “exercises” that he does to stay healthy.  But, I love hearing him tell people what he does when he goes to the health club….it is hilarious because they think he is serious about his triathlon until they hear what he actually does.

After all of that strenuous work sometimes he gets injured.  A couple of weeks ago he hurt his knee, so we went to Dick’s sporting goods to buy a knee brace.

As we entered the car he exclaimed, “Maybe it is my ACL!”

“Ummmm Dad I think you would know if it was your ACL…like you wouldn’t be able to walk!” I said.

When we got to Dick’s we went looking for the knee braces.  When we finally found them we discovered that you choose the appropriate size based on your knee size.

Immediately we both questioned each other, “How do we know our knee size?  Do you know your knee size?  How do we find out our knee size?”

We tracked down a sales person and asked these questions.  He showed us where the tape measures were and I measured Zaino’s knee.

He was so proud of himself when he knew his knee size!  “I am probably only one of a few people that actually knows their knee size!” he proudly stated.

He started asking people that worked at Dick’s if they knew their knee size and of course they said no and he responded, “I do!” with a huge grin on his face!

I think his ACL is okay because he hasn’t complained about it or his knee for that matter.  I wonder if he remembers his knee size…..


Comments on: "Healthy Zaino" (2)

  1. luckygurl said:

    lol. I’m SURE he remembers his knee size! I loved reading the characters here. The story really picks up the pace when you get to Dick’s. I feel like that’s where you got into telling the story bit-by-bit, weaving together action, dialogue, and character thinking so that I felt like I was (laughing!) right there with you! Fun story.

    • Thank you for the feedback! I love writing about this type of stuff because it makes me relive all of these experiences! 🙂

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