The Zany Happenings of Zaino

How Do They Let You In?

One day my dad wore his work id at home and when I caught a glimpse of it I was shocked to see that they actually let him into work seeing as he looks nothing like the id. Now it is a running joke every time he wears it around the house.

I think it is time for a new id picture Zaino.


Comments on: "How Do They Let You In?" (6)

  1. That’s funny…but scary at the same time. He doesn’t look anything like his ID. Time for a new one!

  2. My students have said the same about my ID tag. “Is that really you? Really? Younger?” Hard on the ego!

  3. You know what fascinates me? Passport photos! We had our daughter’s taken when she was one, which means it’ll be good til she turns six. By four, it’ll probably barely look like her, but yet it’ll be valid.

  4. Funny! I’m glad you shared the photos. 🙂

  5. That is too funny! He definitely needs a new photo. What does his driver’s license look like? 🙂

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