The Zany Happenings of Zaino

I am convinced that one of the reasons my dad is so laid back and funny is to keep himself young. I love his young spirit and his attitude about most things in life.

I, like many other people, I forget how old I am. So one night at a Saturday dinner at Ted Montana’s I stated, “Even though I am turning 27, I still feel like I am 25!”

Zaino responds, ” I still feel like I am 25 too!”

Today I was talking to Zaino about random stuff and as usual we were laughing at each other. He said that he was going out tonight with a friend and I asked him if he would be partying like a 25 year old.

He responded, “No!  Like a 27 year old!”

“Oh you have had a birthday?!?”

” No!  I have had two birthdays!”

Hilarious… he left to go out with his friend he said, “Ok!  Ready for action!”

When I tell my mom this stuff she doesn’t think it is funny, but I’m glad that I can always depend on my dad to make me laugh.


Comments on: "I Still Feel Like I Am 25 Too!" (2)

  1. This made me think about what my dad always says when he has been to some event and we ask him who was there–he says a bunch of old people. He’s about to be 81. It’s true what they say you are just as young as you feel! Our dads would probably be great friends!

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