The Zany Happenings of Zaino

There comes a point in my life where I can not stand the clutter anymore!  When this happens I go on a rampage and clean and organize everything!  Does anyone else ever do this?

I don’t know why I don’t just keep everything clean and organized from the beginning!  I think my life would be much simpler.  I have been successful with keeping up with my room since I cleaned it last, so I feel good about that.  But it makes me wonder what is Zaino like?  Does he like to stay organized or not?  I decided to take a look at the places he spends the most time, his bedroom and the cave.

Zaino’s (and my mom’s) bedroom is always pretty clean.  His closet is organized and he never has clutter in his bedroom.  Even laundry doesn’t stay too long in the laundry basket.  How does he do this?!?!

The cave is usually pretty clean…well my side anyway!  Zaino’s side is totally other story!  He has so much stuff!  He has a ton of records (that he doesn’t play often) and books that he buys from the library.  I don’t know if actually reads any of them.



He has papers all over the place!  I am not kidding…take a look for yourself!


He is like me where he gets fed up and he starts to clean up and organize all of the papers.  But that is really only once every 10 years or when family is coming to visit (which isn’t very often since they live overseas).  Usually the papers are always on the floor in piles.  I wonder when he will organize the papers next….

Zaino got himself a new computer for Christmas, but he still has his old computer set-up.  He says that he is still setting up the new computer…..I wonder know how long that is going to take!  😉

Well, now that the computer is set-up on my side….the papers have overflowed into my area!  This is what pushed me to clean-up my area a couple of weeks ago!  So Zaino’s side of the cave is only getting worse!



Today I spent about 6 hours in my classroom organizing, cleaning up, taking down Valentine’s day decorations and putting up St. Patrick’s day decorations, etc.  No matter how hard I try to keep on top of things at school and how many hours I put in weekly, things always build up!  It drives me crazy!  Sometimes I wonder what I am doing wrong…

I wonder what Zaino’s office looks like!  There’s a 50/50 chance that he is clean and organized like his bedroom or disorganized like the cave.

Is there a take your daughter to work day when the daughter is 28 so that I can see his office?

So I guess I still have the same question about Zaino…to be organized or not to be organized?  That is the question!


Comments on: "Organized…To be or Not to be?" (6)

  1. Reading you piece makes me wonder how much clutter or organization really says about each of us…and if either is really bad at all. What if one way of being was really healthy and healing for that person…even if it felt like nails on the chalkboard to the rest of us?

  2. I’m not even brave enough to share a photo of my office right now. It’s a mess!

  3. Your dad’s cave looks like my father-in-law’s basement. Heaven forbid we try to throw anything away. Now, does Zaino know that you took pictures of his papers all over the place? 🙂 I always enjoy reading your stories.

  4. […] the kitchen, the living room, the laundry room, and the bathroom.  And if you want to show them my records, just let them take a glance and then they need to […]

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