The Zany Happenings of Zaino

Zaino One Liners

I am not sure what to write about today about Zaino…especially because it is late and I haven’t talked to him today.  What a sad day!

I often take notes on funny things he says or does.  Sometimes I remember the whole story, but usually I don’t remember it.  Sometimes there isn’t a story…sometimes it is just a Zaino one liner that cracks us up.  So I want to share some of them with you!

My sister: “Dad and I always have fun doing puzzles together!”

Zaino: “We only did one puzzle!”

**This was said around Christmas time this year and the one puzzle they did together was about 5 years ago!**

Mom: “How can she walk in those shoes?”

Zaino: “She can’t!  Look she is laying down now!”

**I don’t remember who they were talking about.**

Zaino: “I have to lower myself to their level!  How else am I going to understand them!”

**He is referring to drivers that let’s just say don’t make the best decisions.**

Zaino: “Always be on the look out!” (insert eyes looking to both sides)

**In reference to anytime Zaino thinks we should be on the look out!”

Zaino: “Good thing I am not on Facebook!  I would crash the system!”

**Based on the knowledge that when I posts things my dad says or even pictures of him on FB all of my friends like the post or comment on the post.**

“When I become a cross dresser, I am not going to shop there!” (for the innocent I will keep the store private.)

**He will be mad when he finds out this is public.  He didn’t mean to say this obviously, but he was making a point that the store is ridiculous.**

Zaino: “That’s fluffy.  I’m sick of fluff.”

**My sister loves Zaino as much as I do for the same reasons I love him.  So she will say anything to have a conversation with him.  He started calling this type of talk from her “fluff”.

Zaino: “Oh man, I wish I had attended that by video conference.”

**In response to wishing he hadn’t had to go to a specific event, that I will not mention, but was necessary for us to go.**

He once told me that our conversations were confidential…..but that clearly has gone out the window!


Comments on: "Zaino One Liners" (2)

  1. I love the quotes about FB and the shopping…hilarious!

  2. I think it’s great that you’ve saved these little gems. The quotes are wonderful (and funny).

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