The Zany Happenings of Zaino

Today I am going to the Illinois Reading Conference in Springfield and I found out this morning that there is a Bennigans there.  I immediately texted Zaino to let him know!

He texted back and said, “Let’s go close it down!”

So when I finally got to Springfield and took a picture of Bennigans I was laughing so hard when I got his response.

“What?  A picture of idiots?”

For a minute he thought I was going there….but I would never do that!  I am sticking to my guns and my amazing friends are looking for other restaurants for us to eat at because I refuse to go there in honor of Zaino.

I can’t believe there are still Bennigans…..I wonder what Zaino will say when I see him.  Is he distraught that he hasn’t actually closed down all of the Bennigans.


Comments on: "There is a Bennigans in Springfield….Uh oh!!" (4)

  1. There are at least two other slicers at that conference. I hope you find one another!

  2. Bennigan’s is probably hopping this weekend too.

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