The Zany Happenings of Zaino


I came home from the conference today and finally got to see Zaino today!  Finally!!!

i came home with gondolas from Avantis. If you haven’t heard of Avantis, it has the most amazing bread!  They use it for anything and it just melts in your mouth. People will drive down to Bloomington-Normal, IlliIonia for the bread.

i went to college at Illinois State University, so we went to this amazing restaurant all of the time. So I took my parents their on one of their visits to ISU.

Zaino instantly blacklisted it because he didn’t think the bread was so amazing. 😦

When I gave him the gondola (salami sandwich) he asked me, ” Why did you get these?  This bread isn’t even good!”

“To be nice dad!”

As he is eating the sandwich he says, ” This is not the same bread when we went. I think they ran out and got bread from somewhere else!”

Ummmm, I don’t think so Zaino but nice try!

At least one restaurant is off of the blacklist!


Comments on: "Finally!" (1)

  1. I think Zaino is a little too picky when it comes to restaurants! How could Avanti’s EVER be blacklisted?!?!

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