The Zany Happenings of Zaino

Zaino on the Train

For as long as I can remember Zaino has always been particular on the train.

He has his usual spot on the morning train and that is never a problem for Zaino to get his own seat.  He take the earlier train to ensure this!

The afternoon train is a whole other story though!  The train is always really crowded and it is hard for him to find a seat.

Today he told me that the train was full and people were “saving” seats with their bags.  He finally found a seat next to a bigger man.  In Zaino’s words, “And I am not a small guy myself!”  He then acted out how scrunched he had to sit to sit on the seat.

“I sat down for three seconds and got up and moved to another car and found someone skinnier to sit next to.”

Another issue Zaino has on the train is people talking.  Another reason he loves the morning train is because no one talks.  But again the afternoon is a very different story!

Last week he turned around to someone who was talking and said, “Shhhhhhh.”

I told him how when my friends and I go to the city we will take the train and be talking and laughing.  He immediately asked, “What time?!?!”

“I don’t know 5 or 6?”

He immediately shook his head and said, “Oh no!  Not good!”

From now on when I am on a train I need to think WWZS? (What Would Zaino Say?)


Comments on: "Zaino on the Train" (1)

  1. I’m afraid your dad would have to tell me to Shhh on the train too. I do like to chat with my friends. (My mother on the other hand, would chat with every stranger she was near). I think I’m with him on catching the early train in the morning. Quiet is nice then. I’m beginning to feel like I know your dad more and more by reading your blog. 🙂

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