The Zany Happenings of Zaino

Work Zaino

It is no secret now that Zaino loves to talk and loves to make other people laugh.  There is no difference with “Work Zaino”.

I can just picture him now….

Zaino walking around and talking to his co-workers, distracting them from working, cracking jokes, snacking in the break room, and rarely actually working (not really this last part…but you get the picture!).

Everyone needs someone like this at work right?  I mean I would love to work with Zaino based solely on the fact that he would make me laugh all day (and I would have more material for my blog!).

We were talking about what he does at work the other day and he was just cracking up at my impersonations of him and explaining what  I think he does at work.

Then he added, “And I fix the copier!”

Well now I definitely would want to work with Zaino….our school copier is ALWAYS broken!


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