The Zany Happenings of Zaino

I need to put the paperweight series on the back burner.

We went to Ted Montana’s tonight because my khala (aunt) came to visit.

Since there were five of us, we could not sit at the bar like we usually do.  We know the bartenders really well and they know what we order.  So when we sat at a table and we had a waitress we have never had before, she completely messed up Zaino’s drink order.

He proceeded to walk with her to the bar to get his drink and saw that one of the usual bartenders was not there, which is why his drink got messed up.

Later when the waitress but the correct drink over, Zaino told her the reason why his drink was messed up was because there was a different bartender.  She responded by saying “No there isn’t.  They are the usual bartenders.”

Zaion argued, “No Mike isn’t here.”

They went back and forth a couple more times, but then she finally agreed with Zaino.

When she walked away we all started laughing because obviously we know who the usual bartenders are because we go so often.

Zaino said, “Yea!  Weeeee know who works here!”

Gotta love it!


Comments on: "Weeeeeee Know Who Works Here!" (2)

  1. Ha! I would love to find a regular spot like that.

  2. It’s great to have a place to belong, where everyone knows your name and your drink order!

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