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30 Years!

Today is my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary!  We are going out for dinner to celebrate.  My sister, brother, and I got professional pictures taken of us at Christmas time and we are giving them the pictures for their anniversary.  My brother lives in California, but my sister and I are excited to give our parents the gift today at dinner.

My dad had  a different present in mind for my mom.  I don’t know if he truly intended this gift to be her anniversary gift, but he gave it to her on their anniversary.  He gave her really nice seasonal mats for her car.  

This morning he told her to go out to her car and find her gift.  She got all excited and walked quickly out to the car.  She looked and looked and kept yelling from the garage, “Where is it?”

Then, she realized her car mats were new and slowly walked back into the house.  

“Are you talking about the car mats?”

“Yes!” Zaino replies with a huge smile. 

“Thank you and they are very nice, but not for our anniversary!” 

He should have just waited one more day to give them to her! 

 My dad is not like those husbands that gives his wife a dishwasher or vacuum cleaner for a present.  


We will have to see what they actually give each other for their anniversary gifts! 


Comments on: "30 Years!" (4)

  1. I could feel her dejection in her response. Hope he makes up for it.

  2. Oh, I hope he has a surprise planned. And I hope they enjoy the pictures, too!

  3. Smiles around! For my anniversary this year, a BIGGIE one….I got a plant…from Home Depot…and then I bought myself earrings…solid gold…and pearls…because as my mother in law always says…we know what we really want!

  4. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud when I read, “He gave her really nice car mats.” Men!! I’m sure the picture of all of you will be a big hit. That’s the best gift for moms. 🙂

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