The Zany Happenings of Zaino

As you know yesterday was my parent’s anniversary!  If you missed the part about my dad’s poor timing gift for my mom, check out yesterday’s blog.

He wanted me to tell everyone in blog land that that was not my mom’s actual gift!  He really wanted everyone to know that!  🙂  Side note: Their actual gift to each other is a trip to go back overseas to see their families.  I think that is a great gift!  🙂

Anyway, my dad and mom wanted to try out a Greek restaurant, so I made the reservations at the new restaurant.  What a bad choice!

First of all, they took forever to get our drinks, which were not complicated.  At one point I ordered a second glass of wine and I had completely forgotten that I ordered it by the time the waitress brought it to the table.  My sister also asked for a second glass of wine at a different point.  By that time Zaino had had enough!  He asked the waitress what was taking so long with the glass of wine.

“Are you making it back there?” he asked.  He wanted to ask is Lucy back there from “I Love Lucy” stomping the grapes herself.  Not only did the waitress not laugh or smile, but she said, “No sir, it is on its way.  I do apologize.”

How weird….and as my sister would say, “Socially awkward”.

Next, our food took forever because there was a mix-up in the kitchen with one of our orders.  She kept coming over to our table saying, “I do apologize.” Ughhh just get us our food!

The food was not even worth the wait.

Our whole family kept commenting on how this is why we only go to restaurants that we love, like Ted Montana’s.

Well another restaurant hits the dust and joins the many other horrible restaurants on Zaino’s blacklist.

We were only at the restaurant for two hours, but it seemed like so much longer!  Good thing my parents like the pictures and we had a nice time celebrating their anniversary!



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