The Zany Happenings of Zaino

This is a typical meal with my parents.

My dad and I cracking jokes back and forth.  Both of us laughing out of control.  I write down anything funny Zaino says.  We recount the funny comment.  My mom shakes her head at us and asks, “What is so funny?  I don’t get it.”  Or “Don’t feed his ego!  Stop encouraging him!”

Zaino and I ask her why she isn’t laughing and that she never thinks we are funny.

And so it goes.

The other day my mom asked us, “Who is going to miss who more?  Zaino because no one will be laughing at his jokes?  Or you because you will have nothing to laugh at?”

I couldn’t even think of the answer before Zaino responded, “I don’t need her!  Everywhere I go people laugh!”

Well that is funny….but he would be nothing without my laughter following after his funny “Zaino gems”.  🙂  Just kidding….but I think I will miss Zaino’s gems while he is gone.  We will have to see if he misses me laughing at his jokes.


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