The Zany Happenings of Zaino

7 Hours….

Today I went shopping with my parents for 7 hours!  Wow…was it an exhausting day!

I was laughing the whole time at the funny things Zaino was doing, even when I was tired.  My parents aren’t really like that when they get tired.  They get grouchy and Zaino makes less jokes.  He still makes them but just not as often.

After a day full of Zaino gems, we had to go to a second grocery store to find white eggs because the first store was out.  We went in as my mom waited in the car.  When we returned with the white eggs, my mom asked if we got the good eggs.

Zaino said, “Of course!  We got the antibiotic free, cage free, and Omega three eggs!  They are going to be eggilicious!”

I don’t know why I think that is funny, maybe it was the running around all day and I was giddy, or maybe it really is funny.  What do you guys think?


Comments on: "7 Hours…." (1)

  1. I think that’s an eggcellent eggxample of silly! It’s eggactly what we need in our lives sometimes to break the stress! I giggled when I read it! Thanks for sharing this humorous moment!

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