The Zany Happenings of Zaino

30 Years!

Today is my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary!  We are going out for dinner to celebrate.  My sister, brother, and I got professional pictures taken of us at Christmas time and we are giving them the pictures for their anniversary.  My brother lives in California, but my sister and I are excited to give our parents the gift today at dinner.

My dad had  a different present in mind for my mom.  I don’t know if he truly intended this gift to be her anniversary gift, but he gave it to her on their anniversary.  He gave her really nice seasonal mats for her car.  

This morning he told her to go out to her car and find her gift.  She got all excited and walked quickly out to the car.  She looked and looked and kept yelling from the garage, “Where is it?”

Then, she realized her car mats were new and slowly walked back into the house.  

“Are you talking about the car mats?”

“Yes!” Zaino replies with a huge smile. 

“Thank you and they are very nice, but not for our anniversary!” 

He should have just waited one more day to give them to her! 

 My dad is not like those husbands that gives his wife a dishwasher or vacuum cleaner for a present.  


We will have to see what they actually give each other for their anniversary gifts! 


I need to put the paperweight series on the back burner.

We went to Ted Montana’s tonight because my khala (aunt) came to visit.

Since there were five of us, we could not sit at the bar like we usually do.  We know the bartenders really well and they know what we order.  So when we sat at a table and we had a waitress we have never had before, she completely messed up Zaino’s drink order.

He proceeded to walk with her to the bar to get his drink and saw that one of the usual bartenders was not there, which is why his drink got messed up.

Later when the waitress but the correct drink over, Zaino told her the reason why his drink was messed up was because there was a different bartender.  She responded by saying “No there isn’t.  They are the usual bartenders.”

Zaion argued, “No Mike isn’t here.”

They went back and forth a couple more times, but then she finally agreed with Zaino.

When she walked away we all started laughing because obviously we know who the usual bartenders are because we go so often.

Zaino said, “Yea!  Weeeee know who works here!”

Gotta love it!

Paperweights, Part 1

This is part 1 of a paperweight series in my blog!

Zaino’s obsession with paperweights is too funny to contain into just one blog post.

It all started about a year and half ago. He all of a sudden started buying paperweights online. Mysterious brown boxes started arriving at our house for Zaino. We all wondered what he was buying, but we soon realized he was purchasing paperweights….and a lot of them!

All of the paperweights were in the cave on his shelves. But soon he wanted to share them with all of us, so he started slowly bring out the best ones and display them around the first floor in our house.

My mom couldn’t believe he kept putting these paperweights everywhere and told him not to bring anymore. So then Zaino just would put one or two up a week hoping she wouldn’t notice. Too bad she notices everything.

Now we have paperweights almost everywhere upstairs and he has a ton still in his cave.

This is picture of some of the paperweights he has in the cave still. Aren’t they cool?

Work Zaino

It is no secret now that Zaino loves to talk and loves to make other people laugh.  There is no difference with “Work Zaino”.

I can just picture him now….

Zaino walking around and talking to his co-workers, distracting them from working, cracking jokes, snacking in the break room, and rarely actually working (not really this last part…but you get the picture!).

Everyone needs someone like this at work right?  I mean I would love to work with Zaino based solely on the fact that he would make me laugh all day (and I would have more material for my blog!).

We were talking about what he does at work the other day and he was just cracking up at my impersonations of him and explaining what  I think he does at work.

Then he added, “And I fix the copier!”

Well now I definitely would want to work with Zaino….our school copier is ALWAYS broken!

Zaino on the Train

For as long as I can remember Zaino has always been particular on the train.

He has his usual spot on the morning train and that is never a problem for Zaino to get his own seat.  He take the earlier train to ensure this!

The afternoon train is a whole other story though!  The train is always really crowded and it is hard for him to find a seat.

Today he told me that the train was full and people were “saving” seats with their bags.  He finally found a seat next to a bigger man.  In Zaino’s words, “And I am not a small guy myself!”  He then acted out how scrunched he had to sit to sit on the seat.

“I sat down for three seconds and got up and moved to another car and found someone skinnier to sit next to.”

Another issue Zaino has on the train is people talking.  Another reason he loves the morning train is because no one talks.  But again the afternoon is a very different story!

Last week he turned around to someone who was talking and said, “Shhhhhhh.”

I told him how when my friends and I go to the city we will take the train and be talking and laughing.  He immediately asked, “What time?!?!”

“I don’t know 5 or 6?”

He immediately shook his head and said, “Oh no!  Not good!”

From now on when I am on a train I need to think WWZS? (What Would Zaino Say?)

Zaino Stuff

Today I actually got to spend some time with Zaino.  🙂

It is not often that I get to spend time with him because he is in the cave or I am working, etc.

So I was trying to take advantage of my time with him…you know so that I can slice.  I was annoyingly watching his every move to find something funny.

When he got up I asked him, “What are you doing?”

He said, “Stuff.”

“Like what kind of stuff?”

“Zaino stuff!”


I told him he needed to start doing funny things so that I could blog about him and he asked me, “Is this for class?”

Of course I responded no and told him that I was writing for fun for the Slice of Life.  And he said too bad I do not put on a show!

Ha!  If that isn’t a show….what is?!?!

This weekend marks my parents 30th wedding anniversary!  I can’t wait to see what he says when my sister and I take them out for dinner!  🙂

Today my parents went to a family friend’s bar for St. Patrick’s day.  My parents always support their friends and their friends’ children.  My parents and I also love fish and chips.  My dad has taught me what the right kind of fish and chips is like and we are always disappointed when we don’t have a good fish and chips.

Well today when they went to the bar, both of my parents got this dish at the Irish bar.  When they came home I asked how it was and Zaino said it was fun.  He told me he what he ate and said it wasn’t very good.

“Fish and chips has to be just right!” Zaino told me.

“Oh, so are you going to black-list the bar?” I inquired.

“No no….I can’t do that!” shaking his hands and his head.  🙂

I wonder what would happen if his friend owned Bennigan’s.


Oh and by the way, the bar is great and has great food…I guess just not the fish and chips.