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Money, Money, Money, Money

About a year ago I asked my dad if we could have cable installed in my bedroom, he agreed but said I would have to pay my portion of the monthly bill. Fair enough. Little did I know…

So, it started that he would ask me each month for the $20. Then, he would just place the WOW cable bill on top of my mail. I think this is where the friendly banter started. We both thought it was hilarious that he wouldn’t ask for the money anymore. I would say, “Zaino is that your subtle hint for me to pay you?” He would just start laughing and say, “Yea, pay up!”

One month I was looking at the bill placed on top of my mail and noticed that the prices actually went up. When I asked him about the increase he said, “Oh you noticed! Good! Now you owe me $25!” After looking at the bill more closely I realized he was charging me more than he should. We negotiated bantered back and forth until we reached a compromise, which was $21.

Anyway each month we go back and forth saying things like: “you need to pay me”, “I already did”, “no you didn’t, etc. (My mom is constantly rolling her eyes or walking away when we have these conversations).

Zaino owes me $100. So last week we were talking about it. We agreed that the $100 would cover two months of cable and his birthday present (a new harmonica microphone). That leaves about $7 left over. So I said, “You still owe me $7!”

His response:

“I thought you would just let me have it.”

We both immediately started laughing and of course my mom thought we were crazy (although she started laughing too!)

For now, there won’t be any talk about money or the cable bill. I’m sure Zaino is waiting for the moment he can slap that cable bill on my mail pile, although I don’t really want to pay up at least I know we will have out banter back and forth.

Side note:  Here is a picture of Zaino, my mom, and I at the wedding where we had the $100 talk.   Yes that is right, we had this conversation at a wedding.  Haha

At my friend’s wedding having the $100 talk!